Noida factory with 600+ Staff Installs Unique Virus Attenuation Devices to Curb Coronavirus

Friday, 23 Apr, 3.29 pm
  • Shows innovative tech-based solution for protecting the manufacturing sector from the pandemic
  • Advance Valves, one of the Top 3 Indian-owned valve manufacturers has invested in a unique technology-based solution invented entirely in India, the Shycocan, to protect its factories, offices and teams from the deadly Coronavirus and been able to bring productivity back to normal
  • Bengaluru-based Shycocan Corporation has installed 150+ virus attenuation devices across 4 units covering manufacturing plants and offices of Advance Valves located at Noida, Greater Noida and Himachal Pradesh
  • The Shycocan device has been proven to disable the Coronavirus and Influenza virus families in enclosed spaces with 99.9% efficacy



New Delhi, April 23, 2021 :

Indian companies, several based out of Noida have been at the forefront of taking measures to protect their workforce from the Coronavirus infection, and many of them are now turning to state-of-the-art technology solutions to keep the pandemic at bay.