Bru re-settlement: Protestors take out rally with Tripura State Rifles firing victim's body

Sunday, 22 Nov, 10.29 pm

People in Kanchanpur took out a rally with the body of Srikanta Das, who was killed at Panisagar during a firing at protestors, who oppose Bru refugees' resettlement in North Tripura.

The people of the area took to the street with candle lights and paid tribute to the firing victim on Sunday evening.

Two persons lost their lives during a clash between security personnel including Tripura State Rifles (TSR) and anti-Bru protestors at Panisagar on Saturday.

Massive violence erupted after security personnel prevented the protestors, who launched blockade on the National Highway-8 opposing re-settlement of Bru refugees in North Tripura.

Later, Tripura State Rifles (TSR) opened fire at the protestors to disperse them in which Srikanta Das was killed.