Assam Type House: The heat resistant Kheri Ghar

Thursday, 26 Nov, 12.13 am

Taaron ko dekh te rahein,

Chat par pare huye.

- Gulzar

The popular Hindi movie song of 'Mausam' beginning with a couplet by Ghalib, lyricist Gulzar fondly recalls the bliss of seeing the stars by laying idly on the terrace - an experience everyone cherish to have on hot summer nights in India.

In Assamese folklore, there is an opposite feeling of loss or deprivation while seeing the stars through the tattered thatched roof of traditional houses (urukha saalere akashor tora goni goni.). It implies the nocturnal experience of a poor person who could see the stars in the sky through the pierced/tattered roof of his or her house.