Onion price skyrockets in Mangaluru, leaves consumers in tears

Thursday, 22 Oct, 10.50 am
Naina J A,

With the supply of onions from Maharashtra, North Karnataka and Kalyana Karnataka being disrupted due to heavy rains and floods, the price of onions has skyrocketed in Mangaluru.

Smaller onions cost Rs 60 per kg in APMCs while the price of bigger onions has increased to Rs 85 per kg. The prices are likely to reach Rs 100 per kg, the traders said.

When onions were ready for harvest, heavy rain had damaged the crop. On average, farmers were getting 250 bags of onions per acre.

But, due to rains, it has dipped to 70 bags. The supply of onions is not enough to meet the demand, informed an onion trader.