Covid-19: Doctors face burnout, some opt to go on vacation

Sunday, 18 Oct, 5.50 am

Overcome by fatigue and a sense of burnout, healthcare professionals, on the frontline fighting Covid-19 for over six months, are trying to regain their peace of mind by taking a break. They are into a wide range of activities from trekking to meditation to long rides.

Doctors, who spoke to DH, said many members of their fraternity are tired of handling Covid-19 cases. Many feel that a two-day break is essential, they said.

Dr Jagadish Hiremath, CEO of Ace Suhas Hospital, said, 'We haven't had time for ourselves and the family. We have observed severe stress and anxiety among doctors who were on Covid-19 duty as they have to spend considerable time in PPE kits and stay away from their family."

"To deal with this and to stop attrition, we have started the roster recuperation break wherein doctors on Covid duty can take a break for a day or two.