'African Nightcrawler' used for vermicomposting at MRPL

Tuesday, 26 Jan, 10.28 am
Naina J A,

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Joint Secretary (Refineries) Sunil Kumar inaugurated the first unit of Vermicomposting project of Mangalore Refinery Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) in the city on Monday.

The unit, with 90-tonne capacity per year, is the first of three large-scale vermicomposting units being set up by MRPL at a cost of Rs 140 lakh.

The MRPL is spread across 2,000 acres. It generates a significant amount of solid waste in the form of fallen leaves, cut grass, vegetable waste and office waste like paper. It had chosen vermicomposting technology as a means to convert nearly 90 tonnes of waste, generated per year, into 24 tonnes of manure or fertiliser per year, which is worth Rs 12 lakh.